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Sridhar is my WordPress Jedi Master!

My site was jumbled and ugly and I could not get the theme to look right at all. Sridhar not only make it look clean and professional, but he solved problems that I didn't even know I had. Also, he customized the shopping cart CSS to make it fit my theme, and completely rewrote the header of the site. There is no way I would consider embarking on a WordPress project without consulting Sridhar -- he like WP Jedi Master!

by Smitty on Website Setup Pro
Sridhar is a pro!

Sridhar was just plain awesome, and I couldn't be more pleased with how quickly he was able to complete the work. Thanks, Sridhar!

by Pauline on Website Setup Pro
I couldn't have done it without Sridhar

I thought I was capable of editing a 3rd party Wordpress theme. And when I was lost and frustrated within the support forums, Sridhar showed up like a knight in shining armor. My site only exists because of his expertise with Wordpress and Builder themes, and his ability to search for solutions to problems. He is responsive, professional, and very affordable.

by Ruanna on Website Setup Pro
Sridhar - Secret Web Design Weapon

Sridhar completed my assignment to perfection, and it all happened at lightening speed! Old problem: lack of know-how to pull off all client requests. New problem: keeping up with Sridhar! His efficiency and indepth understanding of WordPress & CSS make me think I'm surely underpaying him. Grateful to have a new secret weapon.

by Doug Smith on Website Setup Pro
An Invaluable Resource, Professional, Courteous, Efficient

I have worked with Sridhar over the past 3 years and he never fails to provide a solution whether it be Custom CSS, HTML, PHP or JQuery. He is very professional, kind, efficient and makes sure each client is satisfied with his work. He is a great asset and friend.

by Brent on Website Setup Pro
There is always a solution, there is Sridhar

In the last few years Sridhar was my troubleshooter. He knows the core of WordPress and has for everything a solution. With knowing that, you will want to work with him on his next project!

by M. Mead on Website Setup Pro
Well-wishes + Thanks to Sri

I want to wish Sridhar my very best as he embarks on a new career path. I can't say enough good things about Sri, about his attention to detail, generosity, responsiveness and expertise. He's a master with Wordpress (and all things technical). Thank you. Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing you online and expect big things from you in the future. 🙂

by Marianne Hegedus on Website Setup Pro
Wordpress Master

Sridhar is an inspired WordPress developer, troubleshooter, teacher…

I have learned much from him about using iThemes Builder as a WordPress website platform with limitless potential. I especially like the way he helps me discover the answer to what I am seeking (rather than just giving me the answer) – which greatly improves my overall knowledge and understanding.

by Jeannine on Website Setup Pro
A master of the web...and a great guy

Sridhar is an outstanding person for help with your websites. And he's always nice about it, willing to go further and help you understand...no snarky tech support here! Highest recommendation.

by Kerry Carron on Website Setup Pro
Instrumental for Business Growth

As a fellow web designer/developer and an online business owner and coach, I can tell you that Sridhar is a very valuable resource when it comes to growing business.

He is innovative and creative. He approaches challenges with eagerness and enthusiasm to find the solutions needed.

His ability to learn new tools and share his acquired skills is uncanny. I always enjoy learning from, and working with Sridhar.

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