Getting Easy FancyBox To Work Properly When WP Supersized Is Active


FancyBox is enabled for ‘Images & Inline content’ at Settings -> Media.

A Page or a Post shows WordPress gallery using this sample shortcode:

[gallery ids="729,728,727,676" link="file"]

WP Supersized is active.

As long as Supersized is not used on this above Page/Post having the gallery of linked thumbnails, clicking on any thumb will bring up the bigger image in FancyBox just fine.

But if Supersized is used on the galleried Page/Post, the following problem comes up:


RavanH, author of Easy FancyBox wrote:

the conflict seems related to the jquery.animate-enhanced from wp supersized and the jquery.easing used in my plugin.

Searching for jquery.animate-enhanced in wp-content/plugins/wp-supersized/includes/WPSupersized.php shows:

wp_register_script('jquery_animate_enhanced', content_url().'/plugins/wp-supersized/js/jquery.animate-enhanced.min.js',array('jquery'),self::supersized_jquery_animate_enhanced_version);

In order to disable jquery.animate-enhanced, we can use wp_deregister_script() like so:

Add the following at the end of child theme’s functions.php (before closing PHP tag, ?> if any):

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_my_code');

function add_my_code() {

Now clicking on linked thumbs will work fine as expected.



  1. Sridhar! Thanks for solving this issue. It worked like a charm. I was excited when I saw your name in the plugin’s Other Notes. You have helped me a ton with iThemes also.