Full Screen Background Slideshow In WordPress

WP Supersized allows you to display a resizable full screen background slideshow on pages/posts of your choice.

There are at least 3 plugins that claim to do what WP Supersized does, but none can match its features, versatility and price (it’s free).

I am going to use WP Supersized only on this particular post and not on other pages of this site.

Here is what I have done:

  1. Installed and activated WP Supersized plugin
  2. Went to plugin’s settings page and changed ‘Slide interval’ from the default 3000 to 5000. 3000 feels a little fast.
  3. Display -> Entered the ID of this post in ‘Post ID where Supersized will be used’
  4. Created a directory named ‘supersized-slides’ under wp-content directory and uploaded images.

That’s it. All other settings are at their defaults.

Below are screenshots from the plugin’s settings page:


  1. Hi Sridhar,

    Thank you for this posting this. I was having trouble getting a full-page background slideshow to work reliably with Builder. Your article and the example settings pages helped me greatly.