How To Fix Blurriness And Sizing Of the 3 Images In Wpmudev’s Showcase Theme


Before: After: Follow these steps: 1) Copy¬†showcase-child directory from inside showcase/themes to wp-content/themes directory and activate it. Go to Appearance -> Menus and set your desired Primary menu. 2) Create functions.php in showcase-child directory and paste this code: 3) Copy showcase/loop.php to showcase-child/loop.php and edit it. Replace with That’s it. Refresh your site’s homepage and

How To Generate a Properly Formatted Resume In PDF Format From Your Linkedin Profile

Editing Sridhar Katakam Resume | Resume Builder 2013-05-10 15-47-12

I wanted my resume in PDF format and went to Linkedin’s Resume Builder only to realize that it strips out spaces between paragraphs. What I have: What I get: Not only are spaces between paragraphs missing in preview, they do not appear in the generated PDF after clicking on “PDF/Print” as well. I tried all

How To Get Started With WordPress


I get often asked as to how to get started with making a living in the field of WordPress. In this article I am going to provide links to resources (mostly videos – all free) that are prerequisites if you want to master WordPress. Stage 1: Learn HTML and CSS Watch the videos by

Using LoopBuddy To Show a Page’s Featured Image In a Widget


Output: 1) 2) 3) In Fondation Blank’s functions.php: 4) 5) 6) Add the following at the end of child theme’s style.css (WP dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor):

How To Set Up a Custom Date Field And Order Posts By This Field’s Value

2013-03-04 17-54-45

In one of the recent WordPress customization tasks I took up, the requirement was for the user to be able to enter a date in the format of yyyymmdd (Ex.: 18760310) which should appear below the post titles as: “Friday, Mar 10th, 1876” plus the posts on the /blog page to be automatically sorted by

How To Show a Custom Field’s Value At the Top Of Every Post Or Page In Genesis

2013-02-21 14-29-59

A user on Genesis forum wanted to know a way to have a video whose embed code has been entered in a meta box of a Post/Page to show above that Post/Page’s content. 1) Install Advanced Custom Fields plugin. 2) Set up a Custom Field that you wish to show in Post/Page edit screen. Ensure